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はじめての Ripple Part1 インストール編(2019年2月19日執筆)


仮想通貨リップル完全入門: XRPのすべてがわかる

仮想通貨リップル完全入門: XRPのすべてがわかる

Install on Ubuntu with Alien

This page describes the recommended instructions for installing the latest stable version of rippled on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or higher, using the Alien utility to install from Ripple's yum repository.

These instructions install a binary that has been compiled by Ripple.


Before you install rippled, you must meet the System Requirements.

Minimum Specifications

A rippled server should run comfortably on commodity hardware, to make it inexpensive to participate in the network. At present, Ripple recommends the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating System:
  • CPU: 64-bit x86_64, 2+ cores
  • Disk: Minimum 50GB for the database partition. SSD strongly recommended (minimum 1000 IOPS, more is better)
  • RAM: 8GB+

Amazon EC2's m3.large VM size may be appropriate depending on your workload. A fast network connection is preferable. Any increase in a server's client-handling load increases resources needs.



OS バージョン 備考
macOS Mojava 10.14.2 ホストOS
Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.26
Ubuntu 16.04.4LTS ゲストOS



はじめてのCounterpartyノード構築Part1(2018年9月29日更新) - kharukaのブログ~お金と技術とキャリア~

Installation Steps

Install yum-utils and alien:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install yum-utils alien

Install the Ripple RPM repository:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh

Download the rippled software package:

$ yumdownloader --enablerepo=ripple-stable --releasever=el7 rippled

Verify the signature on the rippled software package:

$ sudo rpm --import && rpm -K rippled*.rpm

Install the rippled software package:

$ sudo alien -i --scripts rippled*.rpm && rm rippled*.rpm

Configure the rippled service to start on system boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable rippled.service

Start the rippled service

$ sudo systemctl start rippled.service

rippled commandline

$ service rippled.service status

$ /opt/ripple/bin/rippled server_info
$ /opt/ripple/bin/rippled server_state